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About United American Insurance Company

United American has been selling Medicare supplements since 1966 when Medicare was founded. United American is one of the largest nationwide of individual insurance company to Medicare supplements. United American AM Best rating of A+ and has been an A+ rated company for 38 consecutive years with one of the strongest financial strengths in the Medicare industry. United American is a proud company with quality products and superior service.

United American Insurance plans are globally recognized and accepted by all Medicare doctors, specialists, and hospitals. You can feel assured that United American Insurance customer service is the top in the industry. You can also choose to work with a personal agent to help guide you to the right Medicare supplement for you. Personal agents will make sure you are fully informed on what exactly Medicare covers and doesn’t cover and choosing the correct supplement that fits your health needs along with your financial needs.

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By comparing plans and prices among United American Insurance Company and 30 top rated Medicare insurance carriers, you can rest assured that you will find a plan at the best price. If needed, you can work with a licensed local agent to assist you by answering your questions and guiding you to make the most informed decision by:

  • Comparing all companies and plans in your area.
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  • Providing a personal agent for the life expectancy of the policy.